Sunday, May 28, 2006

Dulce Bella

My beautiful dog

While grilling the kabobs outside, my dog Dulce (pronounced Dul-chay like the ice cream) decided she wanted to be part of the action or at least witness it. Here she is staring at me, licking the window and giving me a sad face to get outside...I love my baby girl

Martha Stuart- Maybe not...

Sunday afternoon lunch:

I may not be Martha Stuart but I play a good one. Today, I made BBQ chicken kabobs and steak kabobs marinated in worchestershire sauce (My favorite!) with squash, zuccini and onion. They were wonderful. It was another 90 some odd degrees here. I was so proud of the way the kabobs turned out, I took pictures...yes it is strange but then again so am I...

More randomness- political

Poli Sci major? Yes!

Anyone dare guess my political affiliation? I have to say that I am a republican but first and foremost just plain ole Kim- a conservative. I associate with republicans because they best fit my ideals, morals and vision. I am not a republican because of my parents. I am more political than both of them combined.

Admittedly, I was reading Rush Limbaugh's book "The way things outta be" in 6th grade, but what Poli Sci graduate didnt? Ever since I can remember, I have been opinionated, outspoken and passionately committed to my beliefs. Ann Coulter is my hero. I dont want to hear it. She is the only woman out there- scratch that- the only PERSON out there that will speak their mind regardless of what the media will say about them or what it will do to their career. It is refreshing to hear people express their true feelings and beliefs with no regard to what others will say.

I believe in the freedom of speech. I believe in the 10 commandments. I believe in the right to pursue happiness as long as it does not violate someone else's rights. I believe not everyone is a victim. I believe in personal responsibility- tell me why a man who allowed his mistress to drown (after driving the car into a river) can hold public office and be revered by the media. I believe "America's sweetheart" is a callus, calculating, manipulative woman with ill intent. She uses her exposure in the media to influence people and to bias stories. Pay close attention to those who deliver the news and the verbage they use. You can tell someone is trying to influence you when they say the "so called right to lifers;" they are trying to change the topic from a news story to propaganda. Be careful and listen closely- get your news from more than one source...can you tell I am political??

My number one topic is a 'hot button' issue: abortion. As a woman, I feel that I have no more 'right' to kill a child than anyone else. A person is a person. We can argue over personhood- when it begins and what it is- but that does not matter. It is human. If not, then what is it? It is a being. If not, then there is nothing to kill or abort. All human life is sacred. No child should be punished for someone else's mistake- be it the woman, the man or both. The most innocent form of human life can be killed in its most fragile state. Is it really any wonder that mankind is so violent by "nature". When you teach that life is not valuable, you cannot expect people to respect human life in any stage.

I will get off my soap box. I warned you that I am opinionated. I have an education to back it up so I am not a rambling fool foaming propaganda from my mouth. One day, I will be in a position of public office. I just have not gotten there yet but I'm only 24. I have plenty of time. :)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

First Time...

Well, it is my first time 'blogging'. I have attempted a similar activity in High School but abandoned it after much distraction. I tend to lose focus. I begin things and then....what is that over there? Oh what a pretty butterfly...wait what was I saying? Oh yes, I get distracted.

To catch anyone and everyone up to speed, I am Kimmer. This is my life. It is crazy. It is like a rollercoaster- albeit rough at times, dramatic lows and sky-high highs, it is a ride and a half and I am buckled in.

Well, I am up entirely too late for my work schedule-as usual. I am a night owl that has to be at work at 7:30- by choice. I dont know what I was thinking. I suppose the dramatic difference in traffic caused me to make such a wretched decision. So, adieu until next time!


Welcome to my crazy life!!!!!!!!!