Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Not much to say....

Really....not much to say at all. Watching CSI reruns about to call it a night early and get ready for work tomorrow. Ugh...yep just ugh!

I did have a great time with the family this year. All the children look 2 feet bigger and more beautiful than last time. Each time, I feel closer to my family. I know I am not great at visiting my family but it is so nice when I do...

Monday, October 29, 2007

Great time

I had a great time this weekend and met some new people at 40 Days for Life. It was amazing to see the pictures from previous days, the journal notes others have left and the care and warmth from so many people towards human life born and unborn.

We did not yell. There were no graphic pictures- only pictures of born babies and signs with the words "Choose life", "Every life is precious" and other similar signs. We had the honks of approval as well as angry people yelling. I wonder how 3 women holding signs, sitting in a chair reading Bibles or even just information on the campaign could evoke such a response. I suppose their conscience got the best of them and that was all they could do was get angry with us instead of themselves.

One thing is for sure, the program worked. We even got Planned Parenthood upset. Their concern is of course the $400-650 they lose as each person turns away. I think of the little life that got a chance that day and it makes a world of a difference to me.

Monday, October 22, 2007


The gift of life is all too often a gift unappreciated; whether it's our own life that we allow to quickly slip through our hands without intervention or the lives of loved ones that we don’t appreciate until it’s too late. Perhaps though, it is the greatest tragedy to not appreciate the lives of the most innocent in our culture. To stand by idly while the innocent are devalued; their lives reduced to the word “choice” and do nothing- to stand silent and shake our heads in disbelief and walk way, never to think on it again.

Inaction- inaction is acceptance and toleration. In our culture, tolerance means to show no qualms with whom you disagree. It means to accept what your opponents say as fact and to stay silent. To utter an opposing word is not only intolerant but it is to some ignorant. I, for one, stand proud to be intolerant.

I will not tolerate the devaluation of human life and it’s most precious and sacred form. I will not tolerate those who tell me to stay silent for the ones who cannot defend themselves. I will not stand idly by and cover my mouth when I see injustice in hopes that I will be viewed as tolerant as being part of the “in” crowd that society has made. I will not comply with societal conventions that tell us not only is God not real but life isn’t valuable- it’s your choice to take it away and do with it what you want. I will not accept their lies and their false truths. It isn’t me and it never will be.

I may fall and I am imperfect but even I see the value in human life and the need to keep your mind guarded- some call it close minded. I call in intelligent thinking. One of my favorite quotes is “An open mind is a sign of an empty head”. I will think for myself and not subscribe to mob mentality. It’s not me to be a follower. I was born to be a leader. It’s just who I am.

For a touching story of life....
How to get involved in your community...

Who has the right to determine the value of a human life but God? He died for us- how can we call a child, or any life, invaluable if he was willing to die to save it?

Monday, October 15, 2007

Petit Le Mans and the ATL zoo

October 5th we left Knoxville and headed to Georgia for the Petit Le Mans race in Braselton, GA. The race was Saturday the 6th. It was a lot of fun and my first time at anything of this sort. It was great- the weather gave us a small break in the morning but it did heat up in the afternoon. I was also visually reminded exactly what "Georgia Clay" is- it's not dirt, it's not's clay...plain and simple.

All and all we had a great time- toured the 'city' we stayed in-Cumming, GA and apparently insulted a local when I said "Ooooh" to the fact that a fair was coming to town the next week. I mean we had been searching for the hotel for an hour- they like to give their roads 3 names each--no kidding. Apparently Buford Blvd is the same as Old Atlanta Hwy and Ronald Reagan Hwy....and really who knew the fair was such a big deal? I must admit there are some very nice homes around this hole in the wall though :)

So on Sunday we left and played at the zoo- saw a crocodile that we thought was dead. He did eventually move- although I did not witness it- we think it was on rails and they move him when people notice he isn’t breathing...or moving when hit on the head with a pebble or two (no not me...ahem Jeff). We saw the red, white and black zebras- again due to Georgia clay. It seems once I mentioned the clay being the reason the zebras were red, everyone did. I am a trend starter what can I say??

Then we took a spur of the moment road trip to Buckhead. I've never been and we are pretty random so it made sense to us. The drive was beautiful. I miss substantial, old trees lining a road. The way the light peeks through the leaves and all the games the shadows play on the road. There are definitely times I miss Georgia and of course my family. But, I have made new memories in Tennessee and have family here also. Not to mention my countless friends and love. It’s a great state also but every now and then I get homesick.

The trip was a success and we had a great time. I will post some pics to keep you all entertained--lol
Jeff and Kim outside the Zoo
Monkeys in the trees (I dont remember the 'real' name)
The "dead" croc

My kangaroo!!

This is me and a monkey who wore a racing outfit- he had a helmet too....very funny!! And this is one of the Ferrari race cars

One of the shots I love....
Jeff and Kim at the race track
The cars were fast- can you tell??

The end :)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

More pictures

More picsMe at the waterfall in Gatlinburg
Me looking all loving :)
Me on the bike with my wrinkly shirt-
dont like the way it makes me look- oh well!

Me outside of Gaylord Entertainment Ctr in Nashville

after the Nickelback concert (with Finger 11 and Puddle of Mudd)

Me in Nashville at the Titans Pregame


Here are some random pics :)
Alisha and I at Bailey's
Me posing
Me being silly again
Me on a rock in the Smoky Mountains
The bike we rode on to get to the Smoky Mountains-
that was so fun!

More pictures to come--just in case you didnt notice...

the red is worn off and I cut my hair to have bangs....random I know

New beginings

I am sure by now you all thought I had fallen off the face of the earth- well, not so! My life has been crazy and very busy. I will try to explain...

Let me first say that I am in a great place. I am happy, content with who I am and who I think I will become, filled with love and optimism, still the same warm and caring individual I have always been. I had a burden I carried but I do not carry that anymore. My life has changed in almost every possible way. For some you already know how and why and others do not. I struggle putting it out there over the internet instead of a personal email, call or letter but I am going to anyway.

In March, I made a decision to change my life. I wasnt happy where I was or where it was going. I hadnt been happy for a while and didnt realize it until December of 2005. Things started happening that showed me something was wrong. I denied it for so long, or accepted it, and hid it from everyone. I struggled to be the perfect daughter, employee, student and fiance for such a long time. Once I graduated from college, the student persuit of perfection left but the others stayed the same. I struggled to be everything for everyone and nothing for myself.

Then the fiance changed. I became a wife and on that day was happy- or so I thought. It was the moment I had always waited for- the day my parents dreamed of and they couldnt have been happier. I thought I was. I had been with him for so long and given so much of myself to him. It seemed like the 'right' thing to do-what everyone wanted me to do or expected me to do. "When are you all getting married" "when are you all having kids" It's pressure no one tells you about. You cant change people and it's wrong to think you can. It's worse to think they will change on their own. He wasnt a bad person- still isnt as far as I know- but he wasnt the right person either.

So March I moved out. I decided to start a life on my own and see what I wanted. He was kind enough to let me leave-although I never really gave him the choice. I knew in my heart I had already made up my mind that it was over but I needed to do this to prove it to myself. I went to counseling for months and it really helped me discover how I quickly lost myself, my desires and needs in his. I am not going to place blame because that is not what this post is about.

On, or about, October 6th, I will be divorced. I never thought it would describe me. It may describe me but it will never define me or who I am. I always hated that word but today I appreciate it. I know what it means for me. It is the end to one chapter and the begining to another. Divorce is looked at so negatively and while it isnt the ideal, nor should it be, some times it is necessary. I dont see it the way I use to. I dont say it with a whispered voice or a hushed tone. I say it with a matter-of-fact attitude. It happened. I did NOT fail. I am NOT a failure. Life changed and so did I. I grew with it and love where I am today!!

I feel that today I dont search for perfection or at least not how I use to. I do still have my OCD tendancies. I have my quirks and sometimes expect too much of myself. It's my eternal flaw. I dont know that I wont ever expect perfection of myself but I pray to God I never do expect it of my children. That is one thing I will try my hardest to prevent.

So it's September 13th 2007....I am happy. I am optimistic. I am fulfilled and truly feel that for once in my life I control my destiny and no one else does and it is an amazing feeling. I love my family and my friends. I couldn't ask for better of either.

I love you all....

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

And I am back....

So it has been a while sine I have put anything on here. I have so many of these pages that I forget my passwords and all that fun stuff. What have I been up to? I recently got another promotion....yep another one. I am super excited about it. It is taking over someone else's job, since they are leaving, and then taking on new paths. I am so happy about it. More opportunity and more responsibility...hope I can live up to it! So I got my eyebrows done- I was very girly this past weekend. I also cut my hair. I have much shorter bangs- they meet the actual definition of bangs now. You know, where they hang in your eyes LOL. I love them. I have also set up an appointment to dye my hair red. Yep red with caramel highlights...random I crazy but I have wanted it for a long time. Lots of changes in my life recently and more to come in March. You never know where your life is going to take you and where you will end up. I am surprising myself. :)

Kimmer signing out.

Enjoy the random pics from the Christmas Party....